How We Help

We Diagnose and Treat

It starts with a diagnosis, not a sales pitch. First, we give you an in-depth assessment of your condition, advising root-cause, long-term solutions. At our clinic, you're under our care but we give you the driver's seat. Following your assessment, you're given a likelihood of success.

The Treatment

The Swiss Wave Method uses pressure waves, which essentially speed tissue healing. This not only restores healthy blood flow but can improve nerve function as well. Through the effect of the shockwaves, the healing process is initiated at a focused, high-energy level. Stem cells and other growth factors promote natural healing, often without the need for additional medication therapy or invasive options.

Our Commitment

Swiss Wave is dedicated to effective alternative therapy for improvement of personal health and well-being, through education and understanding of your condition, helping to develop a treatment plan made just for you. We specialize in shockwave treatment methodology, surpassing standard pulse wave treatment and prioritizing patient care.

Treatment Options

*number of sessions may vary with patient scheduling