"Your first best choice or your last best option." -Nate G.

Jack B.

 "I'm 79 years old. Visiting Swiss Wave Indy was the best choice I could've made! Your staff was friendly and respectful, they never made me embarrassed or uncomfortable. I only wish I had known about it years ago." 

Larry K.

 "I saw an Urologist and he wanted to cut me open and give me a penile implant! I said no way. Then I heard about your clinic and gave you a try. Your treatment worked. No pills or medications ever worked for me. Your clinic and your treatment really helped." 

Daniel W. Stock MD

"I used the Swiss Wave Method to treat an issue I had and it took care of it effectively, with no recurrence of the pain since."

Wilbur J.

"I came in to see how I could get rid of the pain in my back. I was using a walker when I started my treatment with Swiss Wave and by the end of my sessions, I'm only using a cane to get around and my pain has almost gone completely."

Ben S.

"I'm still pretty shocked. I had a ganglion cyst that kept showing up, even after having surgery to get it removed. After only 3 sessions with Swiss Wave Indy and it's completely gone. I can't believe it was that easy"

 The following testimonials show what actual, real-life patients have to say about the Swiss Wave Method after their visits to our clinic(s). Signed statements attesting to the validity of each testimonial are kept at our offices. For confidentiality, only first names and initials are used, as requested by each patient. Individual results vary.